Brain-Move is a method created by the brilliant Stephen Braybrook. The technique encompasses mind-brain-body science, providing a set of applied and practical skills that empowers fast, effective change. Ultimately, Brain-Move provides an integrated and innovative approach to educate, test, reset and activate. Overall, the aim of Brain-Move is to elicit a safe, soothing, and healing environment in the mind-brain-body, which enables the body a clean slate to respond from: facilitating positive mental and physical changes in the way you feel, think, learn, and move.

Brain-Move quite simply works from an inside-out based perspective, rather than an outside-in approach. This means that the focus is on the individual’s unique situation, their neurology, psychology and their evolution with personal specific “dis-connections” or weak points. These “dis-connections” can be linked to anything from stress, unstable emotions, trauma, or pain of any sort from the past, present, or future. By using the Brain-Move technique these “dis-connections” can be discovered and reset bringing the individual, mind and body, back to full potential.

What can brain-move help with?
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • pain
  • movement dysfunction
  • balance problems