From a neuroscience approach I use a combination of two techniques I have trained in. I have found the the combination of Brain-Move and IKN®, Integrated Kinetic Neurology to be very effective together. These neuroscience based techniques encompass mind, brain, body and science. The bases of these techniques provide a set of applied and practical skills that empowers fast effective change. While, providing an integrated and innovative approach to educate, test, reset and activate. Overall, the aim of these techniques is to elicit a safe, soothing, and healing environment in the mind, brain, and body. Furthermore, enabling the body to have a clean slate to respond from. Ultimately, facilitating positive mental and physical changes in the way you feel, think, learn, and move.

The techniques quite simply work from an inside-out based perspective, rather than an outside-in approach. Above all, providing focus to the individual’s unique situation. Bringing attention to their neurology, psychology and evolution with personal specific “dis-connections” or weak points. These “dis-connections” can be linked to anything from stress, unstable emotions, trauma, or pain of any sort from the past, present, or future. By using these techniques these “dis-connections” can be discovered and reset. Thus, bringing the individual back to full potential and restoring the mind and body connection.

What can IKN help with?
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • pain
  • movement dysfunction
  • balance problems
What is Neurology?

To help you understand a little more about neuroscience I would like to explain what neurology is.

Neurology deals with the nervous system. In order for you to move, adapt and respond in a positive way to your environment you must receive accurate information from your senses. Your senses being, touch, taste, smell, and sound. Neurology is in short studying the way your senses are responding to your environment. If your senses are not responding effectively we need to understand why. What unneeded threat are your senses communicating back to the brain? Then we need to give the senses the comfort or tools they need to respond more effectively.