Frequency Therapy focuses on normalizing and optimizing the body’s functions (nerves, muscles, organs, lymphatic system, and hormonal production).

Frequency discs are applied directly to the skin and release frequencies in the body. These frequencies are already used by the body itself to function. The discs only amplify these frequencies. By doing so, the body’s functions start to work at their optimal level.

The Frequency discs are programmed to do one specific thing; change the pathway to reduce an imbalance that the body is trying to repair. The imbalance can be as small as an abrasion or as large as an organ imbalance. Imbalances begin when toxins overwhelm the body or if the body is threatened by hostile pathogens, injuries, and/or deficiencies in good nutritional habits. All or any part of these will make your body unhealthy and imbalanced, which in turn invites stress and sickness.

The frequency therapy facilitates faster healing and has remarkable results by promoting self-healing directly at a cellular level.

What can Frequency Therapy help with?

  • chronic inflammation
  • fibromyalgia
  • IBS
  • ovarian fibroids
  • injuries
  • fatigue
  • immune support
  • back pain
  • herniated disc
  • plantar fasciitis
  • shoulder pain
  • arthritis
  • knee pain

*Price of theĀ discs will be added to the price of a treatment. However, included in the Initial Consult price is the use of up to 7 discs.