So, say you are having digestive issues or (insert your condition here). Why are you having this? When did you body stop working the way it was designed to? You don’t have to accept the current condition of your body as permanent. It’s not usually due to aging. It is not normal to have chronic symptoms. I help you get to the core of your problem.

chronic pain relief

Recently I had a client who came to me for back pain. At the end of her session she felt better. She asked if she could come back, and we scheduled for next week. When she arrived at that appointment, her only complaint was overall achiness, which she had for years and blamed on aging. After the session, she no longer had the aches, and was very surprised that feeling poorly did not have to be the norm.

How is this possible? As you live your life, things happen to your body, emotions, and traumas. Everything that happens affects your wellness. During my sessions, I use special tools that I have learned to get to the root of the various symptoms you are having. A herniated disc is a symptom. A sore knee is a symptom. Fibromyalgia is a symptom. Hashimotos is a symptom. They are your body crying out for help to get back into balance. Once we find the root cause, we can do therapies to bring balance back.

Sounds too good to be true? My clients are usually amazed, often saying, “I didn’t know you could help with this.”

Your body is like an onion… you have layers. We resolved one layer at your first appointment, but because your mind can only make you aware of one problem at a time, a new one can arise.

Your body will continue to be harassed by life… accidents, traumas (emotional and physical), stress, arguments, toxins and diet. You can’t prevent all these from happening, and causing reoccurrence of symptoms, but you can learn tricks to manage the stress placed on your body’s systems. With coaching, you will have tools to prevent yourself from getting into a chronic symptom situation.

New patients begin with a series of treatments, usually one per week. During these we peel away more layers and you learn individualized tools. Is this process easy? It can be if you are a willing participant. It takes time and effort to understand your body. So instead of spending years to figure it out yourself, let me guide you, efficiently, to learn the tools you need most.

Each program is individually created specifically to your body’s needs. Some of the tools I use to facilitate healing are:

  • Emotion/Body Code System
  • Mindset Remapping
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Neurokinetic Therapy
  • Integrated Kinetic Neurology
  • Cranial Therapy
  • Reiki
  • Frequency Therapy

To get started on your healing journey schedule your first session today!

Take a look at the video below to see all the things we can check during your sessions.