Integrated Cranial Therapy:

THIS IS NOT CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY. With this specific training I have learned to become aware of what is “normal” and “abnormal” involving the cranium. I can then determine if there are dysfunctions at the cranium that can be addressed with light holds, light movement, or touch to provide relief of symptoms directly at the cranium or indirectly to other areas of the body.

This technique is also very effective for relaxation and stress relief. I offer full 30 min Integrated Cranial Therapy sessions focused directly on relaxation and stress/tension relief. Most relaxation massages or techniques focus on the body or tension site itself. However, with Integrated Cranial Therapy I can facilitate a whole body relaxation effect while just addressing the cranium and certain neurovascular points.

Relaxation is essential for optimal human health. It is important to keep the body in a “relax and digest” state as often as possible. Daily stress and life events often keep us in a “fight or flight” state. The benefits of Integrated Cranial Therapy are very powerful when you open your mind to them.

During these sessions you will experience a full body calming and a sense of mind/body balance.

If you are interested in a specific relaxation session please contact me or schedule specifically for a 30 min relaxation session here.

What can integrated Cranial therapy help with?
  • headaches/migraines
  • concussion symptoms
  • relaxation
  • stress/emotional relief
  • trauma/injury